- Onset Drone


The Precision Onset is ahead of the quad copter class of drones. With record-setting flight times, GPS stability, telemetry, and it's high-definition camera, it may be the best tool for your needs.

  • Recorded Imaging
    • Recorded video and photos
    • Video/photos can see more than the naked eye
    • 1080p high-def video quality / 11mp photo quality
  • Remains Stable Even in Strong Winds
    • Holds GPS location and proper flight orientation
  • Failsafe Return Home Feature
    • If controller communication fails, drone will
      safely return home to the original take off location.
  • Flight Status Monitoring
    • Battery Level
    • Altitude
    • Flight Speed
    • Recorded flight path

  • Onset Model Drone
  • Controller
  • GPS Unit
  • Hi-res Video/Still Camera
  • Telemetry
  • Charger
  • 3 Batteries
  • 16gb micro SD memory Card
  • Lifetime Protective Case

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