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Precision Engineered Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks



Precision Engineered Galvanized Steel Storage Tanks; In addition to powder coating, Superior Tank Co., Inc. (STCI) also manufactures hot dipped galvanized (HDG) bolted steel tanks. Hot dipped galvanized bolted tanks are primarily used for storage of potable water, water for fire protection and irrigation water.

The galvanization process has a well established reputation as an extremely durable finish.  HDG bolted tanks and riveted tanks have been used for water storage and dry bulk storage for many decades. The advantage of hot dipped galvanized bolted tanks is simple: the surface of the steel is converted into an alloy instead of being covered with a coating. During the galvanization process the prepared steel tank panels are completely immersed in hot liquid zinc which completely covers the surface. The zinc metallurgically bonds with the iron in the steel to several iron/zinc alloy layers. The top layer is pure zinc and therefore very corrosion resistant and durable.  It is not necessary to repair a bolted tank with a galvanized finish as the alloy layers below the surface provide cathodic or sacrificial protection.  Bolted tanks are the only type of large tank which can be hot dipped galvanized as the size of the vats of molten zinc is limited. Only the smaller, flat individual panels used with bolted tanks are small enough to fit into the vats and be submerged in the molten zinc. Shop welded storage tanks cannot fit into the vats due to their size and shape. Alternatively, field welded tanks cannot be hot dipped galvanized as they are fabricated and erected in the field.

Only select bolted tank manufacturers can provide hot dipped galvanized tanks for potable water storage as NSF prescribes strict guidelines for the galvanization process in order to be NSF Certified. STCI is one of the few manufacturers able to provide HDG bolted tanks in the United States. In addition, not all municipalities allow galvanized storage tanks to be used to store potable water. Hot dipped galvanized bolted tanks are distinctively different in appearance then other steel storage tanks as they feature a gray/silver geometric pattern which results from the galvanization process.

In addition to HDG bolted tanks, STCI also offers galvanized hardware, safety railing and ladders on all bolted steel tanks we manufacture. The galvanization process prevents corrosion from occurring when the surface is damaged by impact which is common in areas such as ladders and railings.  Alternatively, STCI can provide encapsulated and stainless steel bolted tank hardware if desired.

With STCI, customers have a wide choice of options and finishes to fit the needs of their particular project.

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