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Precision Spray applies crop protection agents to flowers in a highly accurate and efficient way. This technique was initially developed to apply Liquidseal to the blooms of roses. Liquidseal is an environmentally friendly coating that is used in, for example, rose cultivation immediately following harvest. In combination with a very low dosage of anti-Botrytis agent, Liquidseal provides protection from the grower’s flower processing machine to the consumer’s vase. The Precision Spray spraying technique (PS) is built-in in the flower processing machines. The PS consists of a stainless steel unit to which the pump, control box and a stainless steel tank are mounted. In addition, there is a spray unit which is mounted on the flower processing machine. This spray unit includes the electronically controlled nozzles with air support, sensors and a protective cap for the purpose of the extraction.

To assure the spray quality, the following parameters are continually monitored:

  • Flow
  • Liquid pressure
  • Air pressure
  • Tank level
  • Vacuum extraction

If any of these parameters deviates too much, the PS flower processing machine will stop, so that appropriate action can be taken by the operator. The possibility exists to restart the flower processing machine immidiately so it does not stand still unnecessarily. In addition, the storage tank is circulated continuously by the pump so the product remains homogeneous and does not precipitate.

The PS is supplied with suction. The exhaust goes through two protective caps. The first protective cap (the injection unit), where the purge valves and nozzles are mounted, are being extracted on two sides. This spray unit is located in a second extractor hood which is held underpressure. This way the released haze is not spread in the nearby area. This process is monitored by an underpressure switch in the second extractor hood.

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