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- 100% Natural and Non-Genetically Manipulated Microalgae

The brand name PREMIA™, which is an acronym for ‘Products and Energy from Microalgae’, is the vessel where ALGAETECH sells and markets end-products made from algae, has a wide range of products for the consumer and industry markets.


ALGAETECH products are made out of 100% natural and non-genetically manipulated microalgae at Algaetech Production Centres in Malaysia and Thailand.

The products and production centres are of Halal and GMP standards, and in compliance with all international health and safety regulatory rules.


    1. Algae Biomass, Algae Cake and Algae Powder for:
      • Haematococcus Pluvialis
      • Spirulina Platensis
      • Nannochloropsis Oculata
      • ChlorellaVulgaris
      • Tetraselmis Chuii
      • Dunaliella Salina

    1. End-Products (current & proposed) - PREMIA ™ Product Line : products made for human consumption out of all natural products to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle
      • PREMIA Spirulina-Ex (Tablet)
      • PREMIA Spirulina Protein Bar
      • PREMIA Spirulina Cereals
      • PREMIA Spirulina Herbal Tea and Slimming Tea
      • PREMIA Spirulina Biscuits

    1. Value-Added Products and High Value Products (HVP’s)
      • Natural Astaxanthin
      • Pure Protein
      • Beta-Carotene
      • DHA & EPA
      • C-Phycocyanin

  1. Others products
    • Bio-Fertilizers
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Nutraceuticals

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