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Premium Insertion-Tensio with Exchangeable Clay Tip


Unlike the Model LM, the premium Insertion-Tensio Model LW has an exchangeable clay tip, which has a screw-neck on top for screwing into an axial o-ring gasket. This makes for a reliable seal, however, special care must be taken to only turn the tensiometer to the right when inserting or removing it from the soil. The advantage of the exchangeable clay tip is its easy replacement in case of damage, and also the possibility of varying the insertion depth by using the premium tip with tensiometer tubes of different lengths (tubes without a tensiometer tip).

Acrylic glass tube- Ø 25x3 mm, clay tip- cylindrical with tapered end, Ø 20x65 mm, tube fully shrink-wrapped, with a viewing window of ca. 6 cm.

Connections (top): BL= threading for Blumat digital manometer, GL = Standard GL 14 threaded neck for sensors and mechanical manometers, IT = here with integrated T-piece connection of 45° with GL + BL for combining with switching sensors and digital manometers.

Connections (bottom): tube with integrated GL 14 threading + O-ring gasket, clay tip with GL 14 connection.

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