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- Model 40 OH - Hydraulic Horizontal Channel Baler


The Presona 40 OH is developed for efficient waste paper handling in the packaging and printing industries. The 40 OH has a very compact design and is extremely space saving. The OH model is equipped with a horizontal tying device with curved needles and has the hydraulic unit mounted directly onto the baler which makes it compact and easy to fit in. Easy connection to electrical main supply – no need for expensive electrical installations. Capacity up to 10 tons or 250 cbm per hour.

  • Low noise level
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Automatic friction flap control
  • Simple operation
  • Safe working conditions

A hydraulic horizontal baler developed for efficient waste paper handling for the packaging and printing industry. The baler has a very compact design and is extremely space saving thanks to its tying device with curved strapping needles. The hydraulic power pack and oil tank are directly mounted to the baler.

Connection to electrical mains supply is easy - no need for expensive electrical installations - the motor control center of the 40 OH is complete with fuses and switches. The main cable is simply connected to your mains supply.

The material can be fed to the 40 OH either by means of a pneumatic conveying system or by a feeding conveyor. A photocell system in the feed hopper controls the material flow and the press operation.

The 40 OH is equipped with a fully autmatic horizontal strapping unit with four strapping wires. Needles and twisting unit are working hydraulically and are driven from the main hydraulic unit. The wire brake always makes sure that the wire knots are placed on the short sides of the bale, reducing the tension on the wires and preventing the knots from unwinding. Another important advantage with the wire pulling system is the the wire ends can be kept extremely short (25 - 30 mm), which of course have a favourable effect on wire costs. The bale length is adjustable from the main control panel - bale length can be set from 50 mm and up.

All access points have safety gates. The Presona balers are all manufactured according to the requirements of the CE regulations.

Safety first - all moving parts are covered by safety panels and gates, effectively preventing accidental contact. Panels and gates are equipped with safety switches, immediately turning the machine off and stopping all movements when a panel or gate is opened. Emergency stop buttons are strategically placed throughout the baler.

*Material pre-bale density measured in the press chamber.

Performance rates and bale densities are subject to moisture, material pre-bale densities, feed rate and other variables when baling.

As part of our continuous product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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