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We are specialized in designing customized, cost effective installations for waste handling and garbage baling. A typical sort plant can be designed for two or more fractions with a yearly material flow of 30.000 to 300.000 tonnes. Presona offers each customer an optimum solution – with respect to individual components and the entire system. Presona can assume responsibility for the complete contract, from project planning and design, to erection, introduction and service. The customer receives an installation ready for operation at the turn of a key – a turn-key project in the true meaning of the expression.

A cleaner world - a rewarding business
The world population is increasing day by day. We have become accustomed to a very high standard of consumption, more products, new products. We are squandering the natural resources of the earth.

The quantity of used material is also increasing at an alarming rate and with it, the problem of handling this waste. How can we solve the problem of managing the world’s growing mountain of unsorted garbage to minimize its effects on our fragile environment?

The answer is global cooperation. We must identify and apply solutions to this problem which are economically acceptable and will remain effective far into the future.

This is where Presona in Sweden can be an invaluable collaborating partner. The Presona company is specialized in designing customized, cost-effective, turn-key installations for waste handling and garbage baling.

Make use of waste material as a valuable resource!
Sorted, baled waste should be viewed as a resource, not a problem. Much material previously considered worthless and expensive to dispose of can be reclaimed and used in new products.

Waste can also be processed and used as a source of energy in district heating plants. The wrapping of bales in plastic means that they can be stored outdoors. The volume of storage space required is reduced and the handling of waste in storage and transport is rationalized.

Presona is one of Europe’s leading enterprises in the field of balers. For more than 30 years, Presona has developed and produced fully automatic balers for baling most recyclable materials, from waste paper, plastics in different forms, aluminium cans and domestic garbage to industrial waste.

From a waste problem recognized to a cost-effective disposal system
Presona has long experience of designing waste handling installations in a great variety of environments. The know-how gained over the years enables the company to offer each customer an optimum solution – with respect to individual components and the entire system.

A total solution in this connection means that Presona assumes responsibility for the complete contract, from project planning and design to erection, introduction and service. The customer receives an installation, ready for operation at the turn of a key – a turn-key project in the true meaning of the expression

Presona´s unique prepress system
Presona closely follows technological developments to ensure that no opportunity is missed of improving its products. An example of Presona leading the field is the unique prepress system developed by Presona and now incorporated in all its balers. For example, the use of shears, which is customary in traditional balers, is eliminated in the prepress system. This innovation gives even more reliable operation – it reduces wear of vital parts and minimizes the consumption of energy.

Our latest development is the introduction of an automatic device for binding bales of waste to be burned with a combustible strap. This eliminates the difficulties which may be caused in the combustion furnace by an accumulation of steel wire ties.

The pre-press and the main press in their starting positions. The press chamber is full.

The pre-press forces the material down into the press chamber.

The main press compresses material with maximum pressure. The conveyor continues to feed material to the hopper.

The strapping cycle begins when the preset bale length is reached. The main press continues in operation.

The prepress opens and the material stacked on top of the pre-press falls down into and fills the press chamber.

  1. Receiving Conveyor + Bag Opener: The waste arriving from different sources, municipal cleaners, industrial areas, local garbage collection companies, is tipped on the receiving conveyor. A bag opener can be placed here in which waste bags are opened and emptied. The waste is transported onto the feeding conveyor.
  2. Feeding conveyor: The inclining conveyor belt transports the waste to the pre-sorting station
  3. Vibrating Screen: The vibrating screen separates the small pieces to make the manual sorting easier.
  4. Bunker conveyors: The bunker conveyors feed the sorted fractions to the baler’s feeding conveyor.
  5. Sorting stations: The number of required fractions to be sorted determine the design of the sorting platform and stations. The different fractions are manually sorted and dropped in the bunker chutes.

6. Magnetic separator: The over-band magnet separates steel objects from the waste.

7. Metal press: The steel is pressed to manageable bales.

8. Feeding conveyor: After sorting the material is fed to the balers.

9. Baler for recyclables: Compacts the different fractions to dense bales. The baler is equipped with a quick-select function for high-efficient and easy baling of different materials

10. Baler for garbage: Bales the residues after sorting. The baler can be equipped with a small conveyor under the tying unit for continous cleaning of spillage under the needles.

11. Wrapper: Wraps the garbage bales in plastic film. The wrapped bales are air-, water-and vermin proof and can be stored outdoors.

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