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Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints



Large axial forces are experienced by the Fixed Points/Anchorages of the piping system due to the internal pressure thrust, especially for high pressure lines.

To compensate these large axial forces, heavy-duty fixed-point constructions are needed. Also if the piping is not at the ground level it is very hard to construct very strong anchorages for pipes at elevation.

The Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints eliminates these pressure thrust forces internally by the special construction with a resultant of zero axial force.

The other application of Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints is at the connection of critical equipment such as turbines .com pressors as well as corner pipes without an anchorage.

As indicated in the drawing above, the anchorage problem of an elevated pressure line is solved without the necessity of a anchorage on the left end.

Nominal Diameter = 01600 mm
Nominal Pressure = 6 bar
Test Pressure = 9 bar
Fluid = Condensed water
Applikation = Power Plant
Ab= 21370cm2
Fp= 192330 kg

With the Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint application, the axial thrust pressure force is eliminated within the expansion joint. Fp=l92Ton = 0Ton

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