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PRESTO Bin lifters are employed wherever waste materials need to be collected in smaller containers from several locations within the company prior to compacting them in a central location.Bin lifters can be integrated into other systems or built as a stand-alone -, mobile or stationary-unit. An integral bin lifter design uses the hydraulic and electric system of the compactor; a stand-alone bin lifter utilizes its own power pack.From large standard waste storage bins MGB 120 to U 2,5, as well as special discharge bins or custom-designed bins, the bin lifters can swing almost any type of collection bin across the lift-and-tip unit.

  • PRESTO bin lifters can be used with almost all DIN collection bins and with special containers,
  • Pipe burst safety systems and terminal stop buffers on the hydraulic cylinders as well as the two-hand controls make for a high industrial safety standard.
  • Protection grids on the sides of mobile and stationary versions shield the operator from the hazard zone.
  • Strong rollers on the mobile versions allow the operator to steer the lifting and tipping device easily and move it fast,

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