- Mobile Waste Compactor



PRESTO Mobile Compactors - Rotunda are designed for handling large volumes of recyclables, residual waste, and ordinary commercial waste. Its special feature is a single unit that is firmly connected to the compaction container. The material is compacted by a horizontal compaction plate with an electro-hydraulic drive system.

The extremely low filling opening makes loading the PRESTO Mobile Containers very easy. Although the material is highly compacted, the removal is effortless.

This has the advantage that structural changes to the site are not necessary. Simply connect the system to the local power supply, and it is ready to use.

  • The particularly low feeding opening and the foldable hook offer maximum feeding comfort.
  • The conical shape ensures easy emptying,
  • The rib-free structure offers you large advertising space.
  • The optimum location of the polyamide guide elements makes for low-maintenance operation.
  • The central locking system is operated from one side, so the emptying hatch can be opened safely and quickly.
  • The large cleaning door allows comfortable access for service and cleaning,

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