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The SONIC START STREAMLINE is now available for the PISTA® and in two models: outdoor or indoor. The clean and simplified SONIC START STREAMLINE Prime Sensing System relocates the solenoid valve and frees 50% of the original fitting connection points for an improved priming system.

Our innovative and streamlined design delivers superior product performance, quick, easy inspections and virtually no maintenance for years of hassle-free heavy-duty service. These things coupled with a premium-efficient pump make cents for you and the environment—saving you labor hours and costs, and reduces the carbon footprint with fewer maintenance trips required for a better tomorrow.

Smith & Loveless has developed two models for the Top Mounted PISTA TURBO Grit Pump to service both outdoor and indoor installations. The outdoor model features the SONIC START Probe, SONIC START STREAMLINE Dome Assembly, and the STREAMLINE Jacket (for most locations). The STREAMLINE Jacket is both insulated and heated to minimize cold weather issues down to -30F with the probe and dome assembly. It was also especially designed for easy removal. Please reference the map for outdoor locations needing the STREAMLINE Jacket.

SONIC START STREAMLINE is also available with an explosion-proof option to meet all Class I, Division I, group D requirements. The explosion-proof option includes an explosion-proof SONIC START Probe and explosion-proof SONIC START STREAMLINE Solenoid Valve to meet all Class I, Division I, Group D requirements.

The new SONIC START STREAMLINE has been installed in multiple test locations, specifically on Top Mounted PISTA TURBO Grit Pump installations and performed with significantly less maintenance since their test unit installation date. Take a look at the list below and see how Smith & Loveless’ quality translates into savings for you!

Select the SONIC START STREAMLINE for PISTA that meets your installation’s outdoor or indoor requirements today!

Below are a few of the benefits to the SONIC START STREAMLINETM for PISTA:

  • 50 percent fewer fitting connections
  • Takes grit pump pressure off of vacuum tubing and tubing fittings
  • Solenoid mounted on top of vacuum dome for improved priming
  • Minimizes H20 and debris from reaching the vacuum tubing
  • Two models: outdoor and indoor

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