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The Primozone GM-series is a series of high-performance ozone generators based on the redefining Primozone ozone technology. An ozone technology that is built around on the unique and patented Primozone aluminum ozone reactor.

The Primozone ozone generators produce ozone with a much higher concentration than other commercially available ozone generators. The Primozone system can produce more than 300 g 03/Nm³O2, which is equivalent to more than 20 wt %, with an absolute gas pressure of 3,2 bar.

The high concentration of the ozone produced in Primozone’s generators result in a greatly improved efficiency in dissolving the ozone gas in water. Tests at the Norwegian Institute of Technology have measured 98% dissolution in less than 3 minutes. This makes the Primozone generators very efficient for water treatment and at the same time very cost effective.

The high gas pressure makes it possible to place the generator further away from the reaction tanks. It is also a parameter that influences the effective dissolution.

The Primozone ozone generators will only produce ozone at the exact levels needed at any given time. When water flows or redox (ORP) values vary, the ozone generation varies accordingly and consequently both the oxygen and energy consumption for the complete system adjusts, using up to 70% less energy. This is one of the unique features with the Primozone ozone generator.

Each generator has an integrated control system that provides safety, monitoring and control. The system provides information about ozone levels, gas pressure and gas flow. It is user friendly and very easy to operate.

The built in alarm system will automatically log and handle different production disturbances such as loss of oxygen supply.

Connected to a redox or flow meter the Primozone ozone generator will automatically adjust ozone levels to gain the desired ozone dosage in the water.

The Primozone ozone generator is a complete plug-n-play system that is easy to install and operate. Its modular design makes it reliable and very easy to maintain. Most systems are up and running within 24 hours after delivery.

The small size of the Primozone ozone generator is a great advantage compared to conventional ozone generators. It requires just 20 % of the space occupied by standard generators, and weighs 80 % less.
Cutting-edge technology

The Primozone ozone generator is built on a unique and patented technology. It contains flat plate reactors that generate ozone with the cold plasma method. This technology makes it possible to produce ozone from oxygen with a concentration of more than 20%.

Depending on application and your needs, Primozone offers 4 different ozone generators with an ozone capacity that range from 100g – 900g ozone per hour. A combination of two or more generators can cover larger needs, with a capacity of up to 10kg per hour or more. Download our product data sheets to the right.

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