- Septic Saver


PRO-PUMP/SEPTIC SAVER is a special combination pack of environmentally safe biological products in liquid (quart bottle of our PRO-PUMP/HC) and ³ready to use² packets (PRO-PUMP/SP). These two bio-formulations will reduce odor, and break down solids in lines and tanks. They will also assist the naturally occurring bacteria in your on-site wastewater system to break down slow to degrade waste products like tissue, grease, fats and oils that cause problems in your drain field.

PRO-PUMP/HC is a live liquid culture concentrate designed specifically for septic system use. It is non-toxic, non-pathogenic and is a safe for plants, animals and people. The use of PRO-PUMP/HC will restore essential microbial activity in your entire system following pumping.

PRO-PUMP/SP is a water soluble packet of dry ³spore based² non-toxic, non-pathogenic bacteria and enzymes. It is a designed for homeowners to use to assure continued essential biological activity all year long.

Instructions and additional information on Septic System Care are also included.

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