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The ProAm Ammonia Monitor is a simple, compact on-line analyser designed currently to accurately determine ammoniacal-nitrogen in real-time. Other parameters which include Nitrate, Chloride and Fluoride may also be configured. The instrument comprises a wall-mount analyser section with an integral sample pump; a controlling processor interfaced by a membrane keyboard and back lit LCD. Electrical connections for power supply and signals are externally made from a separate IP65 enclosure which is typically installed adjacent to the analyser section. The junction box also contains a switch mode power supply accepting mains power and providing 24VDC to the analyser section.

Low cost, single stream analyser with automatic calibration/clean routines

The ProAm analyser uses an ammonia gas sensing ISE to report ammoniacal-nitrogen. Sample is delivered through large diameter tubing to a reaction vessel where a caustic / edta reagent is continuously added. The pH is elevated to liberate free-ammonia which is measured by the ion selective electrode (ISE). The sample is also temperature regulated / compensated and sparged with air to promote chemical mixing. The integral peristaltic sample pump can deliver sample directly from source or from a fast sample loop. A series of pinch valves are configured to control the passage of sample, calibration and cleaning fluids without introducing points of blockage thus improving reliability.

Various options are available offering different levels of automation and communication. As standard, the instrument is supplied with an analogue output with its range determined by the selected calibration values. Four change-over contact relays (volt-free) are also available; two may be configured as limit alarms and two may be programmed to indicate various fault conditions. Alternatively, data may be transmitted to telemetry using Profibus or Modbus (other protocols are available on request). The instrument may be configured for continuous or intermittent analysis and controlled remotely using the BUS system.

  • Fast response from 5 minutes
  • Two point automatic calibration
  • Automatic chemical cleaning
  • Continuous or intermittent analysis
  • No filtration to 200mg/L suspended solids
  • Telemetry outputs

  • Measuring Range: 0-500 up to 5,000 PPM (with dilution)
  • Repeatability: +/- 2% or better
  • Enclosure: GRP to IP65 protection
  • Dimensions: Analyser 410(h) x 370(w) x 230(d) mm
  • Terminal Box 182(h) x 275(w) x 180(d) mm
  • Outputs: Analogue 4-20mA standard, 2 x process & 2 x utility alarms
  • Power supply: 110/230VAC 50/60Hz
  • Weight: 30 Kg

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