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When you have issues of high calorific value waste gas or a liquid stream then the Process Combustion’s Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers meet the most stringent requirements of the European Solvents Emissions Directive (SED) and the UK’s Waste Incineration Directive. Designed and built to client’s own specific standards Process Combustion’s solutions ensure that very high concentrations of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in waste and gas streams can be dealt with effectively and safely. In some cases waste streams can be cleverly injected through the burner system and utilised as a fuel. Added energy saving equipment like waste heat boilers and secondary heat recovery systems can be included to recover heat and be introduced back into the process.


Direct fired thermal oxidisers produced by Process Combustion Ltd are most effective when there is a high calorific value waste gas or liquid stream that needs to be treated. Process Combustion Ltd can design and build these units to help meet the most stringent requirements of the European Solvent Emissions Directive (SED) and the United Kingdom Waste Incineration Directive (WID).

Key benefits of our incinerators include:

  • Can handle very high VOC concentrations
  • Industry beating extremely high VOCs destruction efficiency – up to 99.95%
  • Reacts speedily to high peak concentrations
  • Can be designed to provide constant heat recovery to be used elsewhere in the process.


Process Combustion has a 30 year track record of working in the combustion and heat transfer technology sector with famous-name industrial giants in oil, gas and manufacturing industries around the globe. Our reputation for custom made solutions can be brought to bear in the early engineering stages of a major system build to explore feasibility and process.


Our in-house design expertise covers process, mechanical, structural, electrical, controls, material selection and sourcing. Working to the specified processes we work with clients to seamlessly integrate our equipment to deliver cost effect solutions while meeting the most stringent emission limits.

Our established relationships with clients, suppliers and sub-contractors combined with proven project management skill-sets ensure that systems are completed that meet required documentation and technical standards and are on budget, on time, every time


We work in an exacting industry where quality assurance standards (BS EN ISO 9001; 2000 Quality Management System approved) and rigorous engineering capability are paramount. Process Combustion’s 2500 m2 production area with up to 16 tonnes crane capacity and state-of-the-art control system build and test workshop exemplify our approach to everything we manufacture.

We design and build to the latest international codes and standards; these include European Pressure Equipment Directive, ASME, API, AWS, NFPA, EN and ATEX.


We can either construct on site or work with our clients’ own construction teams in a supervisory role. Accurate and speedy Installation and commissioning are vital ingredients in a successful project system completion.

Process Combustion provides itself on our commissioning and operator training facilities. After sales service back-up includes providing spare parts and our service engineers continue to support on-going site activities to ensure trouble-free running and efficient operating procedures are adhered.

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