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Process Pump for Tube Elements



730SN, 730UN, 730DuN and 730BpN peristaltic process pumps fitted with LoadSure tube element pumpheads.

  • 730 range of peristaltic pumps offer four drive options, colour display and intuitive menu structure to provide visual status indication and minimal key presses.
  • Flows up to 33 litre/min, 2bar (8.8 USGPM, 30psi) using LoadSure tube elements
  • Industrial integration - manual, remote, Analog and digital communication, plus PROFIBUS
  • Keypad incorporates 3-level security PIN lock
  • IP66 (NEMA 4X) rated cased pumps

720RE and 720REX LoadSure tubing element pumpheads

  • 720RE pumpheads accommodate 4.8mm-wall LoadSure tubing elements in two conformations: with PVDF Tri-clamp-style connectors for sanitary applications; and with industrial Cam-and-Groove connectors. Both are offered in four bore sizes: 12.7mm, 15.9mm, 19.0mm and 25.4mm, giving up to 2,000 l/hr (8.8GPM) 2,000 l/hr flow at up to 2bar (30psi)  pressure.
  • 720REX extension pumpheads offer identical performance, but at a maximum pressure of 1bar (15psi) .

Elements are available in Pumpsil platinum-cured silicone, Bioprene and STA-PURE PCS for sanitary applications; and in Marprene, Pumpsil and Neoprene for industrial use.

720R and 720RX continuous tubing pumpheads

  • 720R pumpheads accommodate 4.8mm wall continuous tubing for joint-free flow from source to discharge. Available in five bore sizes: 9.6mm, 12.7mm, 15.9mm 19.0mm and 25.4mm, giving up to 2,000 l/hr (8.8GPM) flow at up to 2bar (30psi pressure).
  • 720RX extension pumpheads offer identical performance, but at a maximum pressure of 1bar (15psi) .

Tubing is available in five materials for almost any chemical requirement

  • Simple-to use HMI requiring minimal key presses to reduce chances of costly errors. Flow proportional to pump speed over 3,600:1 control range. IP66 (NEMA 4X) cased pumps for washdown environments.
  • 730SN simple, plug-in and switch on pumps offering economy of ownership. Ultimate process security with a 3 level PIN lock.
  • 730UN - with all the features of the SN models, plus configurable inputs and outputs.
  • 730DuN with configurable inputs and outputs, plus RS232 and RS484.
  • 730BpN with real time communication makes your process secure and flexible. Bus speed 9.6 kbits/s up to 12000 kbits/s connectivity

No point-to-point wiring and a simple 9-pin PROFIBUS D-connector provides:

  • Two way communication for control and status feedback
  • Pumps communicate at full PROFIBUS bus speed
  • No additional gateways or I/O converters required
  • Predictive maintenance

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