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Chlorine Dioxide is a yellow/brown coloured gas which is highly soluble in water and is a highly reactive oxidant. It is generated on site using propriety equipment. It is an effective disinfectant that can be used in process water treatment and food preparation systems such as fruit and vegetable washers. Unlike chlorine and chlorine based derivatives Chlorine Dioxide does not form THMs through the reaction with organics and is also effective across a wide pH range. Prodose offers a range of Chlorine Dioxide generators manufactured by Evoqua that work on the principle of Acid and Chlorite reaction chemistry. These generators automatically combine 9% Hydrochloric Acid and 7.5% Sodium Chlorite within a reaction vessel to generate chlorine dioxide. The chlorine dioxide solution is either batched into a storage vessel ready for dosing, or dosed directly into the process water from the generator.

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