- Model Style 770 & 780 - Wafer Style In-Line Rubber Check Valves



The PROCO ProFlex Style 770 and 780 in-line rubber check valves feature many design benefits, including: All-rubber construction to resist abrasive slurries. NSF 61 standard construction. Ultra-quiet operation, with no water hammer. Unique design to prevent backflow. Negligible maintenance and energy costs. Will not warp or freeze. Quick interchange with any flap type check valve. Available in sizes from 1” to 96”. Available with special ID to suit concrete pipe.

The PROCO Series 700 “ProFlex” Rubber Check Valve is a cost effective way to control back pressures from sewage treaent plants, outfalls and tidal operations. They are a fully passive flow device requiring neither maintenance nor any outside sources of power or manual assistance to operate.

The PROCO Series 700 “ProFlex” Check valves are offered as direct replacements for ineffective and maintenance ridden flap type check valves, commonly known to seize, rust and bind in unwanted positions. Unlike flap type valves, the “ProFlex” rubber check valve will handle large obstructions without jamming or having swing gates binding open. Specify the PROCO Series 700 “ProFlex” rubber check valves to provide backflow protection from (1) Sewage slurries, (2) Outfalls to ocean fronts from heavy rainfall activity, (3) Prevention from land erosion due to back flow conditions, (4) Protection from saltwater to fresh water ponds and catch basins and numerous other water based applications. Our history in the manufacture of rubber piping products dates back to 1930. When an engineered solution is needed to solve a piping or backflow problem, call PROCO.

The PROCO Series 700 “ProFlexTM” Rubber Check valves are available in a Flanged (Style 710 or 720), Sleeved (Style 730 or 740), or Jacketed (Style 750). Inline orifice (style 770/780)

  • Style 710: Flanged: Designed to bolt directly to existing flanges or new installations, flanges are drilled 150# standard. Other drilling standards are also available upon request. The style 710 can be installed in either vertical or horizontal application.
  • Style 720: Flanged Inline: Designed to fit directly inside of an existing pipe. Supplied with a flat face rubber flange which allows installation between existing pipe flanges eliminating the requirement for a valve body. Other drilling standards are also available upon request.
  • Style 730: Sleeve Type: Designed to easily slip over an existing pipe, is affixed to a pipe with heavy-duty Stainless Steel clamps. Can be installed in either vertical or horizontal application.
  • Style 740: Slip In Inline: Designed to slip directly inside of an existing pipe. Supplied with a stainless steel expandable clamp to secure it in place.
  • Style 750: Jacketed: Designed with a full metal enclosure which allows easy installation in existing piping systems. Utilizes the Style 710 as the check valve.
  • Style 770/780: Designed with a metal or plastic orifice plate and a rubber disk , this valve is an ideal valve to provide high back pressure capability on clean water applications

All PROCO Series 700 ProFlex rubber check valves are available in a wide selection of back pressure capabilities and elastomers, including NSF/ANSI 61 certified material. Because of the wide array of available configurations, there’s sure to be a Series 700 ProFlex valve to suit your application.

PROCO ProFlex check valves won’t freeze or deform, and they function solely on the inlet and back pressure which are present in each unique situation.

Each valve is designed by some of the most experienced rubber technicians in the industry, and are carefully constructed using the finest engineered materials available. All of our Series 700 ProFlex valves are precisely manufactured to ensure proper operation, and will provide years of unhindered, trouble-free service.

  • All rubber construction resists abrasive slurries
  • NSF61 is standard construction
  • Very quiet operation with no water hammer
  • Its unique design prevents backflow
  • Negligible maintenance and energy costs
  • Will not warp or freeze
  • Quick interchange with any flap type check valve
  • Available in sizes 1” – 96”
  • Available with special I.D to suit concrete pipe.


Inlet Valves

  • ProFlex Style 710
  • Opens during tank filling
  • Provides complete mixing with optimal jet velocities
  • Closed during tank draining

Outlet Valves

  • ProFlex Style 780
  • Closed during tank filling
  • Opens for tank draining

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