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- Model F Series - Loss-in-weight Feeder in Hygienic Design



The ProFlex from Schenck Process: Now also available in a hygienic design version. The new ProFlex F for optimum solutions in the foodstuffs industry. What is the right amount of seasoning added to a ready meal? For products to ultimately taste as they should, the foodstuffs industry requires recipes that are accurate to the gram. This demands a lot from the feeder, which not only has to be matched perfectly to the properties of bulk materials and feed rates, but must be able to fit flexibly into any space too.

The solution is the ProFlex F from Schenck Process. The experts from Schenck Process present the new ProFlex F, a version of the tried-and-tested ProFlex feeder system boasting hygienic design for the food industry. It makes light work of both gravimetric and volumetric continuous feeding of food products.

The new innovation from Schenck Process is available in hygiene standard one for dry cleaning and hygiene standard two for wet cleaning. Customers can pick from three ProFlex F sizes (F500/F3000/F6000), and various feed hoppers, augers and spirals for optimum adaptation to the relevant material characteristics and the desired delivery rates. All models are easy to clean for quick and easy product changes. Other benefits include the highly flexible and space-saving design, allowing for optimum installation in existing and new production plants.

The off-centre arrangement of the augers allows up to eight feeders with close-fitting discharge pipes to be neatly installed in pairs. For maximum flexibility, the direction of the discharge side can be easily changed at any time.

Thanks to the MULTI-POINT weighing system, the ProFlex F is not affected by lateral impact or vibrations. All the cables carrying power and signals between weighed and stationary parts are positioned within the protection of the weighing module, thereby avoiding unwanted force shunts.

In short, the ProFlex F is ideally suited to maximize precision feeding in the foodstuffs industry – free from maintenance, easy to clean and highly versatile. The system fulfills the basic hygiene requirements stipulated by the DIN EN ISO 14159 and DIN EN 1672-2 standards for the feeding of dry products in a dry environment. All non-metallic components that come into contact with the product meet the requirements of European directive (EG) 1935/2004. The gear mechanisms are filled with lubricants suited to use with foodstuffs.

  • The ProFlex  feed system is used for the continuous volumetric and gravimetric feeding of bulk materials such as powders and granulate materials.
  • The ProFlex is designed to be easily disassembled to
  • adjust the feed rate or to be cleaned with just one tool.
  • The asymmetric constructions of the ProFlex allows for a space-saving arrangement in pairs of up to 8 feed stations. The orientation of the discharge side can be changed with just a few movements to enable the greatest possible flexibility.
  • There are three basic ProFlex modules and a variety of extension hoppers, screws and spirals for adaptation to the bulk material characteristics and the flow rate.
  • The variant ProFlex F (Food) is the enhancement of the well proven ProFlex-feeding system for the food industry.

  • The ProFlex F considers the elementary hygienic design requirements of the standards DIN EN ISO 14159 as well as the DIN EN 1672-2 for feeding dry products in a dry environment.
  • The feeding system ProFlex F is available in hygienic level 1 for dry cleaning and for higher hygienic demands in hygienic level 2. which is suitable for wet cleaning as well.
  • The cleaning of the product contact parts basically to be carried out after disassembly. The non product contact parts to be dry-cleaned.
  • All non-metallic product contact parts meet the requirements of the European regulation (EC) 1935/2004.
  • The gearboxes are filled with food grade lubricants.

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