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- Model NG - Domestic Water Metering System



For flows of 4 – 25 m3/h; The proportional metering system Promatik is used in the potable water sector for the flow-dependent, adjustable metering of liquid media, like the EXACTAPHOS. It consists of the metering pump Beta, a contact water meter, a suction assembly with foot valve, level switch and wall bracket, and an injection valve and metering line.

Protects pipework, fittings, and appliances from corrosion and limescale.

In a flow of water, the contact water meter transmits pulses with a fixed pulse interval corresponding to the pulses to the metering pump in line with the flow. Each of these pulses results in a metering stroke of the metering pump, thereby feeding the metering solution. The metering volume per stroke can thus be adjusted continuously between 100 and 50% using the stroke adjustment dial. Because of the very low starting limit and short pulse interval, a constant volume-proportional addition of chemicals can always be maintained from minimum water flow rate to maximum load, thereby guaranteeing the best process result.

  • DVGW-tested in conjunction with the EXACTAPHOS metering solution. DVGW No. NW-9101 CM 0179.
  • The EXACTAPHOS metering solutions are matched to the capacity of the Promatik metering systems.
  • Fitting position of the water meter – horizontal and vertical.

  • Consisting of a Beta metering pump, contact water meter, suction assembly with foot valve and 2-phase level switch with pre-warning as low flow contact and empty signal, injection valve and metering line.
  • In the 'R' design compact metering system, the metering pump is built onto the contact water meter.
  • In the 'W' design split system there are wall brackets for accommodating the metering pump. Contact cable and PE metering line 2 m long. Horizontal fitting position of the contact water meter.

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