ProMinent GmbH

- Model Flex DF4a - Peristaltic Pump


Capacity range 1.5 – 12 l/h, 4 – 2 bar. The peristaltic pump DULCO flex DF4a for metering flocculants and activated charcoal treats water precisely and accurately. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness facilities. An operating pressure up to 4 bar is possible.

The optimum pump for use in swimming pools, hot tubs and spa and wellness facilities.

There are three designs of DULCO®flex DF4a available.

  • Metering chemicals
  • Metering activated charcoal
  • Metering flocculants

This guarantees that the operating menu, inputs and outputs are always adapted to the respective application.

Your benefits:

  • Language-neutral user navigation
  • Continuous adjustment of capacity
  • Hose material in PharMed®
  • Full control, as the capacity is shown in l/h in the display
  • Safe and reliable operation: Flow volume and concentration can be entered reproducibly
  • Long service life: Spring-loaded rollers stabilise rolling pressure and reduce wear and tear on the hose

  • Priming function
  • Night setback
  • Inputs for contacts and analogue signals
  • Housing degree of protection IP 65
  • Connector for 2-stage level switch with round plug
  • Operating hour counter
  • CANopen interface

  • Priming lift : 3 m WC
  • Approx. power consumption : 24 W
  • Suction lift : 4 m WC
  • Switching duration : 100%
  • Speed : 0 - 85 RPM
  • Degree of protection : IP 65
  • Permissible ambient temperature : 10-45 °C