ProMinent GmbH

- Model A - UV System


Flow up to 739 m3/h. The UV system Dulcodes A helps to ensure water quality. The UV system works energy-efficiently and cleanly based on continuously variable medium pressure lamps and can therefore automatically compensate for variations in the water quality or level of contamination.

Perfect for the treatment of higher flows.

The UV system Dulcodes A has a compact design. Output-optimised medium pressure lamps ensure effective disinfection of potable water and the photochemical breakdown of oxidants and/or combined chlorine.

The system is fitted with electronic ballasts, which continuously adjust the lamp output, either via an external signal, such as the flow rate, or by specification of a setpoint.

A long-term stable UVC sensor ensures that the system operates safely and reliably. The motor-driven automatic wiper efficiently cleans the lamp protection tubes and minimises maintenance work with types of water that have a tendency to form films. After comprehensive certification and biodosimetric validation, the systems comply with strict internationally recognised NSF, UL, CSA and USEPA standards.

  • Simple installation, thanks to the compact inline system, ensures minimal installation work and fast retrofitting
  • Maximum flexibility with installation, thanks to the free choice of fitting position and direct installation in plastic pipes, as no UV radiation escapes from the reactor
  • External power control via 0/4 - 20 mA standard signal for optimum adaptation of the system to changing operating conditions, such as flow fluctuations
  • Automatic adjustment of the lamp output to a defined UV-C sensor signal with power increase to a raised, adjustable sensor signal via a digital input saves energy and extends the lamp service life.
  • Unbeatably simple and quick maintenance: all maintenance work can be carried out quickly and conveniently from one side.
  • Location-independent system monitoring in real time via the DULCOnneX platform: Improved process reliability. Reliability and transparency due to real-time monitoring, individual alarms and automated reports.

  • Optimised use of energy, thanks to large radiation chamber and uniform irradiation of the entire water flow due to optimised system hydraulics.
  • Radiation chambers made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4404/AISI316L
  • Powerline A medium-pressure lamps with high power input of up to 3 kW
  • Guaranteed (pro rata) lamp service life of 8,000 hours
  • Long-term stable UVC sensor for monitoring the lamp output, lamp protection tube fouling and changes in water quality
  • Integral temperature sensor for monitoring the water temperature in the radiation chamber
  • Automatic motor-driven wiper for efficient removal of deposits on the lamp protection tube
  • Double, independent and automatic monitoring of the wiper function by revolution counter and limit switch
  • Control cabinet made of coated steel
  • Freely programmable control (Comfort controller Dulcodes A) with backlit display during normal operation (green), warning (yellow) and fault (red)
  • Large graphic display to show all important operating parameters, such as the UV sensor signal, lamp power consumption, control type and operating status
  • Interfaces and connectors for:
    • Stopcock and flushing valve
    • Control of the feed pump
    • Operating signal relay
    • Warning and alarm relay for UV intensity
    • Collective malfunction alert relay
    • Pause contact
    • Relay for monitoring reactor temperature
    • Temperature monitoring and fault indicating relay for control cabinet temperature
    • Input for external fault
    • Digital input for switch-over to second power stage
    • 4-20 mA standard signal input for flow-dependent lamp control or control dependent on measured value
    • Standard signal output 4-20 mA of UV sensor signal

  • Potable water
  • Process water
  • Swimming pool water