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- Wastewater Measurement and Control Systems


Monitoring and treatment of waste water with DULCOTROL Waste Water – the compact measuring and control system specially designed for applications in municipal and industrial waste water treatment.

The compact measuring and control system for the reliable monitoring and treatment of waste water. NEW: now based on the DACb controller instead of the DACa controller

The DULCOTROL measuring and control systems for the waste water application are used in all industry sectors where waste water is treated. All the necessary components are mounted on a polypropylene plate and are ready to connect. The choice of components is matched to the application. The measuring and control systems can be configured using the relevant identity code ordering system. With the 'panel-mounted' version, all of the components except the sensors are mounted on a polypropylene plate. The DULCOTROL® ordering system works with user-based selection criteria so that you can select the most appropriate measuring and control system, largely without technical knowledge. One or two measured variables can be configured in each product range.

  • NEW: A third measuring point can be retrofitted on site if the size of the bypass fitting permits this.
  • NEW: All communication interfaces of the DACb controller and connection to DULCOnneX are possible.
  • Availability of all key chemical measured parameters for water treatment
  • Application-optimised configuration of the components using user-based order criteria
  • Configuration of 1 or 2 complete measuring and control points on a plate
  • The equipment of the controllers can be selected.

Field of application

  • Treatment of industrial and municipal waste water
  • pH neutralisation
  • Disinfection
  • Detoxification
  • Desalination of process water
  • Control of dissolved oxygen
  • Monitoring

Technical Details

  • Installation in the bypass of the main water line through which the medium flows
  • Max. pressure, depending on design: 1 bar/3 bar/6 bar
  • Flow, depending on design: 15...40 l/h/ 40...65 l/h/ 300...500 l/h
  • Max. medium temperature: primarily up to 45 °C, the versions for the identity code specification: “Water to be measured' 'H' (hot water) up to 65 °C (max. 2 bar)
  • Ambient temperature: +5...50 °C
  • Degree of protection: IP65
  • Power supply: 90-240 V, 50/60 Hz