ProMinent GmbH

- Model Dulcodes Z - UV System


Flow up to 230 m3/h. UV system Dulcodes Z for potable water treatment. Chemical-free disinfection, which conforms to all internationally established DVGW, ÖVGW and UVDGM standards. High-performance and energy-efficient high-output lamps.

UV system Dulcodes Z is equipped with energy-efficient Opti-Flux high performance lamps, incorporated in optimised reactors. The effectiveness of the disinfection necessary for certification was proved in comprehensive biodosimetric measurements. Dulcodes Z thus facilitates maximum possible disinfection and flow performance with a minimum number of lamps. The long-term stable, DVGW-compliant UVC sensor, in conjunction with the central control, ensures optimum continuous operating reliability in potable water treatment.

  • DVGW and ÖVGW-certified, EPA and UVDGM-compliant
  • Flexible use over a wide transmission and flow range by extended DVGW characteristic line certification.
  • Minimum use of resources at maximum flow, thanks to uniform irradiation and homogeneous UV dosage with optimised flow guidance.
  • DVGW-compliant, long-term stable UVC sensor for monitoring the disinfection capacity, contamination of the lamp protection tubes, lamp ageing and water transmission.
  • Increased output with fewer lamps.
  • Energy-efficient high-performance Opti-Flux 300 W lamps permit greater flow per lamp.

  • Hydraulically optimised reactor made of high-grade stainless steel 1.4404/AISI316L
  • High-performance, energy-efficient Opti-Flux (300 W) low pressure amalgam lamp, largely temperature-independent
  • 14,000 lamp service life guaranteed (pro rata)
  • Long-term stable DVGW UVC sensor for continuous system monitoring, factory-calibrated and verifiable on site by means of reference radiometer which conforms to the DVGW/ÖVGW specification
  • Control cabinet made of coated steel
  • Electronic ballasts with BUS interface for the gentle ignition, operation and individual monitoring of the lamps
  • Deluxe control, freely programmable with large graphic display to show all important operating parameters, such as timing of the UV sensor signal (trend line), control type, operating status.
  • Interfaces and connectors for:
    • Stopcock and flushing valve
    • Control of the feed pump
    • Warning and alarm relay for UV intensity
    • Collective malfunction alert relay
    • Pause contact
    • Relay for monitoring reactor temperature
    • Input for external fault
    • Standard signal output 4-20 mA of UV sensor signal