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- Model Meta - Plunger Metering Pump



Capacity range 6 – 59 l/h, 216 – 52 bar. The extremely high-performance Meta is a plunger metering pump with the option of adjusting the pump capacity in 0.2% increments. It offers a wide range of power end versions, such as three-phase or 1-phase AC motors, even for Exe and Exde areas with ATEX certification.

Meta plunger pump – durable and high-performance

The Meta (MTKa) is a plunger metering pump, the pump capacity of which can be precisely adjusted in 0.2% increments, either manually or optionally with an electric actuator or control drive. A wide range of drive versions is available, including some for use in Exe and Exde areas with ATEX certification.

Excellent process safety and reliability:

  • Metering reproducibility is better than ± 0.5 % within the 10 – 100% stroke length range under defined conditions and with correct installation

Flexible adaptation to the process:

  • Wide range of power end versions, also for use in Exe and Exde areas and different flange designs for the use of customised motors
  • Customised designs are available on request

  • Volume-proportional metering of chemicals in the treatment of boiler feed water
  • Metering of reactants and catalysts in the chemical industry
  • Level-dependent metering of auxiliary agents in industrial production engineering, for instance hot wax metering in the production of adhesive strips

Technical Details
  • Stroke length: 15 mm,
  • Stroke length adjustment range: 0 – 100%
  • Stroke length adjustment: manually by self-locking rotary dial in 0.2% increments (optionally with electric actuator or control drive)
  • Metering reproducibility is better than ± 1% within the 10-100% stroke length adjustment range under certain defined conditions and with proper installation
  • Wetted materials: Stainless steel 1.4571/1.4404
  • High-performance oxide ceramic plunger
  • A wide range of power end versions is available: Three-phase standard motor, 1-phase AC motor, motors for use in areas at risk from explosion and different flange designs for use in customer-specific motors
  • Degree of protection IP 55
  • Fibreglass-reinforced plastic housing
  • Provide suitable overload protection in all plunger metering pumps during installation for safety reasons.

Control of Meta Plunger Metering Pumps

Speed controllers in metal housing (Identity code characteristic Z)

Frequency changer built into IP 54 protective housing and main switch designed for max. 0.37 kW motor output.

Externally controlled with 0/4-20 mA / 0-10 V to correspond to 0-50 (60) Hz output frequency.

Integrated controller with versatile functions e.g. switching between external/internal control. With internal control, frequency input is via arrow keys. Multi lingual fault message display and motor temperature monitoring (thermistor-protection).

The speed controller assembly consists of a speed controller and a variable speed motor (see also identity code characteristic R).

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