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- Model Pro - Controller AEGIS II/Cool Control


The controller AEGIS II/Cool Control Pro continuously measures and regulates the conductivity and controls the biocide concentration to keep pipework and heat exchangers clean.

Treatment of cooling water in evaporation cooling systems - VDI 2047-compliant

The AEGIS II records all the necessary measuring parameters for cooling water treatment and controls the functions necessary for smooth operation:

  • Measures the electrolytic conductivity – controls bleeding
  • Biocide metering – time-dependent or as measurement and control, VDI 2047-compliant (e.g chlorine)
  • Corrosion measurement – determines whether enough corrosion inhibitor is being metered
  • pH measurement – measures and controls the pH value

  • Timer-controlled biocide dosing.
  • Optional online measurement and control of the biocide concentration.
  • Built in web interface for device configuration and remotemaintenance. Optional WLAN/WiFi access point.
  • Bleed lockout: blocks bleeding after biocide metering has taken place.
  • Pre-bleed: performs bleeding before biocide metering.
  • Operating status displayed by 10 status LEDs.

Technical details

  • Protection class: IP 65
  • 8 digital status inputs
  • mA input for flow signal and temperature input
  • 2 serial sensor inputs
  • 3 plug-in module positions: Plug-in modules for 2 each of mA outputs, pH/ORP inputs, mA inputs for amperometric sensors and serial sensor inputs
  • 5 outputs for output relay
  • 4 pulse frequency outputs

  • Control of bleeding in evaporation cooling systems
  • Volume-proportional control or regulation of the metering of corrosion inhibitors, de-foamers and dispersants
  • Measurement and control of the inhibitor concentration through the use of a fluorescence sensor
  • pH measurement and optional pH control
  • Metering of up to 2 biocides based on time or measured values

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