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Capacity range 25–100 m³/h, 10–4 bar; The compact rotary lobe pump pumps viscose and even abrasive media at up to 100 m³/h and also with reversible pumping direction thanks to its valveless construction. Housing, plunger and seals are available in different materials to match the medium.

The robust solution for the pumping of viscose media and media containing solids

The rotary lobe pump is robust and surprisingly powerful given its compact dimensions: depending on the model it can pump up to 100 m³/h viscose media and media containing solids, even containing larger particles of solids. It can be used with ease as a self-priming pump with reversible pumping direction. And naturally it is absolutely safe to operate as an intermediate chamber reliably separating the pumped medium from the gear oil.

The carefully selected materials, high-grade workmanship and maintenance-friendly construction make the rotary lobe pump into a low-wear endurance pump. A three-phase motor drives the two rotary pistons via a precision gear perfectly synchronised and thus also quietly. Corresponding drive versions enable the pump to be connected to bus systems and thus integrated into modern production environments.

  • Compact pump with good pump capacity
  • Ideal for viscous, abrasive and shear-sensitive media containing solids
  • High-grade seals and the reliable separation of gears and medium enhance the pump's operational safety
  • Feed rate can be controlled via motor speed
  • Connection to bus system is possible
  • Low-wear and maintenance-friendly

  • Waste water and sludge pumping
  • Food and beverage industry

  • Pump complete with drive motor, reduction gear system, clutch and base plate
  • Housing material AISI-316 or AISI 420, rotary piston and shaft seals made of NBR, EPDM or FKM
  • Constant i.e. non-pulsing feed rates
  • Valveless construction enables reversed pump direction
  • Different versions of power end/drive via three-phase motor (On/Off mode, adjustable motor with integrated frequency converter or external fan)
  • Connection to bus system is possible (integrated frequency converter needed)
  • Hydraulic connection as standard by means of DIN flange (DN 50, 65, 80, 100, 125), other connectors available
  • Simple replacement of wear discs thanks to maintenance-friendly construction

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