ProMinent GmbH

- Model ULIa - Metering System (Inline System Liquid)


Capacity range of up to 18,000 l/h. The metering system POLYMORE is the inline batching station in which the liquid polymer is introduced into the pressure-encapsulated multi-zone mixing equipment through a peristaltic pump. The result is a prepared and homogeneous polymer solution.

Metering system specifically designed for the batching of a fully activated liquid polymer solution

The metering system Ultromat ULIa is a compact inline batching station. It features a special mixing chamber in which liquid polymer is added by peristaltic or metering pumps. Optimum mixing with water produces a matured and fully activated polymer solution. An additional maturing tank with stirrer and feed pump can be installed downstream to create a batch preparation station.

The concentration of the polymer solution can be simply adjusted on the touch panel.

Optionally continuous polymer batch output in l/h can be specified. The polymer batching system works reliably and conserves resources, thanks to its optimum process control.

  • precise processing of liquid polymers (0.05 – 1.5%)
  • highly efficient mixing chamber for emulsions / dispersions and water
  • user-managed input of the concentration with proportional metering
  • compact design with various installation options
  • optional operator-managed specification of the polymer batching output in l/h

Technical Details
  • Proportional metering as standard
  • 3 system types with different equipment can be selected:
    • basic - manual flow adjustment, manual flushing
    • medium - automatic flow control, manual flushing
    • comfort - automatic flow control, automatic flushing
  • Integrated post dilution unit optionally available

Choice of peristaltic or metering pumps:

  • Peristaltic pump DFXa 0530 for back pressures of up to 3 bar, max. 5 bar
  • Metering pumps gamma/ X with HV head
  • Metering pumps Sigma

Compact controller Schneider Electric TM241 and touch panel STO735 4.3“

  • Optionally fitted with Ethernet / Modbus TCP
  • Optionally fitted with PROFIBUS®

Technical Data

The following types of polymer can be processed:

  • Liquid polymers (0.05 – 1.5 %)
  • as emulsions or dispersions

Selectable components:

  • Batching output as an inline batching station or batch preparation station
  • Configuration versions
  • Electrical connection
  • Control versions with or without data communication
  • Operating versions
  • Liquid polymer metering pumps
    • Peristaltic pump DFXa
    • Metering pump gamma/ X
    • Metering pump Sigma 1 Control
  • Monitoring of low liquid polymers
  • Raw water booster pump
  • Post-dilution unit
  • additional maturing tank with stirrer for batch preparation
  • Feed pump for additional maturing storage tank
  • Language

Field of application

  • Sludge dewatering and sludge thickening
  • Waste water treatment (industry and local authorities)
  • Potable water treatment