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ProSolv Propane Cylinder Recycling System; #4000 ProSolv Propane Canister Recycling System, includes: ProSolv® Fuel Canister Venting Device, #4343 Activated Carbon Filter and Forty (40) Certification Tags, Anti-Static Wire, Safety Goggles and Pliers.


Built-in Gauge Lets You Know When the Cylinder is Empty

Thread any standard propane, propylene, mapp or calibration gas cylinder to the bottom opening of the ProSolv system.  Briefly pressing the Gauge Activation Button shows you, with an obvious red or green indicator, whether or not a propane cylinder is empty.


Residual Propellant is Filtered of VOCs

The Activated Carbon Filter threads directly to the threaded opening, one of the safety features incorporated into the system. The filter addresses air quality and emissions standards in two ways:

1) Dry propellant moves through the Activated Carbon Cartridge, which absorbs hydrocarbons and odor.  It also acts as a secondary flashback arrestor during the recycling process.

2) The Activated Carbon Cartridge contains 1 1/4 pounds of activated carbon. Made from ground coconut shell, the activated carbon promotes rapid evacuation of the propellant.


Remove the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem

Once the propane cylinder is depressurized of all propellant, the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem must be removed for recycling.


ProSolv Recycling Certification Tag

Insert the ProSolv certification tag for guaranteed recycling.  The forty steel recycling certification tags provided with each carbon cartridge serve as the filter replacement indicator. For maximum efficiency, the filter should be replaced when all the tags have been used.

Now You Can Recycle the RCRA Compliant Propane Cylinder

After inserting the steel recycling certification tag, ProSolv leaves you with an empty steel cylinder with no compressed gas. It can now be safely recycled with your other scrap steel.

A ProSolv® system can depressurize and recycle 40 spent propane cylinders before its first filter change. Traditional disposal methods would require a disposal fee up to $100 dollars per each propane cylinder to handle as a hazardous waste, with a total cost reaching $4000 dollars. ProSolv® pays for itself after recycling as few as 8 propane-cylinders.

Spent pressurized propane-cylinders no longer have to be stored for hazardous waste treatment and handling. ProSolv removes the sealing sleeve and internal valve stem from propane, propylene, mapp and calibration gas cylinders, as it empties and filters the propellant. Furthermore, ProSolv® provides recycling certification tags for each canister recycled to guarantee pick-up by the handler.


It’s the only technology of its type to certify the depressurized canister for recycling. It greatly benefits the environment by converting a propane canister into a recyclable steel container, thus diverting it from landfill. Recycling one small propane cylinder is equal to recycling one (1) pound of steel, which saves 5,450 BTUs in subsequent steel production.

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