- Model VW Series - Vapor Phase Carbon Adsorber Canisters



The PROTECT VW vapor phase carbon adsorber canisters are economical air or vapor treatment units for short term usage applications. PROTECT VW canisters contain all of the operating elements required for utilization of granular activated carbon in air or vapor treatment, including a flat carbon bed support across the entire bed cross sectional area and plenum area below this support for effective air introduction and distribution across the bed. The canisters are constructed of unlined carbon steel with a stainless steel screen and carbon steel bed support for use with activated carbon in air treatment

The PROTECT VW vapor phase carbon adsorber canisters are available in 2 convenient sizes that will contain 1000 or 1800 pounds of granular activated carbon for treating air or vapor sources typically up to 1,000 cfm.

The PROTECT VW vapor phase adsorbers can be provided with any of Calgon Carbon Corporation's wide variety of vapor phase activated carbon products that can be selected for a specific air or vapor treatment application. Most commonly used are Type AP4-60 grade virgin activated carbon, which is a 4mm pelletized activated carbon with a carbon Tetrachloride Number of 60 for higher purity air or vapor, or optimal usage for low levels of organic contamination, or Type VPR quality controlled reactivated grade vapor phase carbon for a more economical carbon product for general air treatment.

The PROTECT VW vapor phase carbon adsorber canisters offer several important features that make it an effective value driven option for many air or vapor phase treatment applications:

  • Sturdy carbon steel construction
  • Capable of operating up to 3 psig which will manage most vent or exhaust fan situations.
  • Exterior painted with a durable urethane finish
  • Operating temperature up to 200°F
  • Top 16 inch diameter access port for activated carbon media fill and removal
  • Carbon bed support across the full canister cross sectional area, consisting of 20 mesh type 316 stainless steel screen placed on slotted steel plate for vapor distribution across the entire bed for maximum activated carbon utilization and low pressure drop.
  • Top lifting lugs and bottom fork guides for portability

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