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Absoger SAS

Model PSA - Nitrogen Generators


This technology is recommended in order to achieve high levels of purity (>99.9%). The PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generators consist of two activated CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) charcoal columns. CMS is a special type of activated charcoal whose pores, at high pressure, can absorb oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor while enabling nitrogen and other inert gases to pass through. By alternately increasing and decreasing the pressure within these columns, the nitrogen is separated from the other gases. Before entering the activated charcoal columns, the conventional compressed air must be dried and purified using the high-yield air pretreatment package included with the Absoger nitrogen generators. While one of the columns produces nitrogen, the other regenerates the CMS through depressurization. In this way, the system continuously provides a stable, highly pure nitrogen output.

  • Produced nitrogen purity: from 95% to 99.9999%
  • Produced nitrogen output: 1 to 2000Nm3/h – a greater output is available upon request.
  • Nitrogen output pressure: 5 to 330 bar
  • Very low energy consumption
  • Good resistance to oil and dust
  • Long activated charcoal product life-span

All of our nitrogen generators can be delivered with or without an air treatment system.  Depending on your needs and your initial installations, we will advise you on the best adapted solution.

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