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Pulsed Jet Self Cleaning Air and Gas Filters



Pulsed jet cleaning is a process developed by Porvair Filtration Group for the effective removal of collected solids from the surface of a filter element. The process is typically undertaken whilst the filter is in operation on-line and, apart from a very small pressure spike (or ‘overpressure’), it does not interrupt or interfere with the process flow.

This technique is widely used across a wide range of processes in areas as diverse as:

  • fuel production, including fuel pellet grinding, furnace off-gas venting, powder transport and conversion oven/fluidised bed venting at temperature
  • power generation, including spent fuel and debris vault venting and protection and spent fuel drying processes
  • decommissioning, including mechanically generated dust collection, smoke removal, ceramic membrane crushing and cementation drum fill operations
  • waste deposition, including vitrification and waste solidification processes, drum filling and drum venting.

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