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MWK-Biogasanlagen Rosenheim GmbH

Pump Technology



On the inside of the final storage unit will be installed a long wave pump with stirring nozzle. The pump pumps the fermented substrate to the pit filling station. The stirring nozzle can be manually activated when necessary, to homogenize the fermented substrate.

The pipes of the long wave pump lead through the wall of the slurry store into the service room.   

The transportation of fermentation substrates and products is carried out by the central manure distribution in the service room – both between the digesters and within the overall system.

The pipe system starts at the transfer point of the slurry store and ends at the final storage unit. The pipe system connects all tanks to one another – so that a simultaneous filling, draining and pumping of all tanks is possible.

The definition of the transportation path is set via the process control system (PLS). All necessary valves are equipped with pneumatic adjustment.

The opening and closing occurs pneumatically by the PLS.

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