The AAMS-SALVARANI pump tester is designed to define the capacity of pumps at different counter pressures. Therefore the AAMS- SALVARANI pump tester is equipped with an inductive flow sensor and an electronical pressure sensor. Both sensors are connected to a monitor that continuously displays pressure and flow rate. The pump tester is available in different versions from 16 to 80 bar.

The flow meter measures in ranges starting from 8 l/min up to 1300 l/min. (Other ranges are available on demand)
The monitor has a memory for 100 combined pressure and flow rate values. The stored values can be printed and/ or transferred to a PC (on request).
The sensors are of 0,5% precision class (with calibration certificate).
With the built-in pressure regulator, a counter pressure can be set.
Thanks to the transparent part  air sucked by the pump can be watched
Quick fit connectors are provided for a fast and reliable connection with the pump lines.
The pump tester works on a 12V battery and is mounted in a durable box

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