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Pure Air Filtration’s Ammoniasorb provides ideal absorbtion of amines and other base compounds such as ammonia. It is developed from highly activated carbon manufactured by steam activation from selected grades of anthracite coal. This material is exceptionally hard and resistant to mechanical breakdown.

Ammoniasorb has the perfect balance between adsorption and transportation pores enabling the efficient adsorption of a range of organic associated with industrial process streams and commercial building ventilation systems.

General Description: Porous, cylindrical pellets of high grade bituminous activated carbon.


  • Ammonia Removal Capacity: 15% by weight
  • CTC value: 55% min
  • Surface Area: 1050 m2/g
  • Density: 50 lbs/ft3 (641 kg/m3)
  • Moisture Content: 2%
  • Hardness: 97 min

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