- Model CT124 - Gel Strong Acid Cation Catalyst



Purolite CT124 is a superior gel-type styrene divinylbenzene copolymer functionalized with sulfonic acid groups. While ordinary catalysts in the H+ form may often be used for chemical reactions, a properly designed and purified catalyst may provide for faster processing times, better yields, and higher product purity. It is supplied completely water-swollen ready for use in aqueous systems or after drying, in non-aqueous systems.

Purolite CT124 has been specially designed, by employing Purolite's proven technology giving superior physical strength, attrition resistance, matrix rigidity, reduced colour throw, and low TOC release.

Purolite CT124 is recommended for bisphenol-A synthesis in particular. It provides for distinct advantages with respect to higher acidity, more available sites and a more uniform distribution of acid sites. It is also useful in esterification and hydrolysis of esters processes.

Purolite CT124 offers the further advantage of receiving Purolite's exhaustive, proprietary purification process, which reduces leachables (all TOC) to scrupulously low levels, for those catalytic applications sensitive to released acidity.

  • Application : Bisphenol A - Low Crosss Linked
  • Polymer Structure : Gel polystyrene crosslinked with divinylbenzene
  • Appearance : Spherical Beads
  • Functional Group : Sulfonic Acid
  • Ionic Form as Shipped : H+
  • Dry Weight Capacity (min.) : 5.0 eq/kg
  • Total Capacity (min.) : 1.35 eq/l (29.5 Kgr/ft3) (H+ form)
  • Moisture Retention : 60 - 65 % (H+ form)
  • Particle Size Range : 425 - 1200 µm
  • <425 µm (max.) : 1 %
  • Uniformity Coefficient (max.) : 1.7
  • Specific Gravity : 1.16
  • Shipping Weight (approx.) : 730 - 755 g/l (45.6 - 47.2 lb/ft3)
  • Temp Limit, H+ Form : 130°C (265°F)

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