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PUSH-PAC conveyors are compact, self contained pressure-only pneumatic systems designed to convey grain to silos and bins. Versatile, powerful, and easy to install, PUSH-PACs efficiently and gently “push” grain 100′ to 250′ (30m to 75m) or more. Push-Pacs are ideal for transferring grain to or from dryers, trucks, dump pits, hoppers, storage bins, silos, mixers, bunkers, railcars and feed bins. PUSH-PACs are portable enough to service several grain transfer sites. Convenient fork lift base and lifting loops make moving the PUSH-PAC system a simple operation. Choose from five basic PUSH-PAC models to meet your grain transfer needs:

Capacities shown using 100′ (30m) of piping – 70′ (21m) horizontal, 30′ (9m) vertical and two 90′ elbows – moving dry US #2 corn. Capacities will vary depending on distances, type and condition of grain, altitude, temperature, humidity and piping set-up. Long distance conveying at an incline should be avoided.

To minimize grain damage and pipe wear, use a surge bin or hopper to feed the PUSH-PAC when transferring grain from a dryer .

Remote Airlock Drive Option

This optional setup is available on all the PUSH-PAC models. The airlock unit is mounted on a separate frame with its own electric drive motor and reduction gearbox, enabling the air pump and main drive motor to be remotely located – convenient for restricted quarters or specialized applications

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