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- Model CUBO Series - Complete and Modern Water Purification System


CUBO is a complete and modern water purification system. It is also very easy to install and manage. CUBO is the first intelligent plug and play unit in the business. With CUBO, municipal water goes in and purified water suitable for the laboratory or the sterile center comes out. It really is that easy.

CUBO will save you money when compared to other solutions, regardless if it's installed in a new facility or replacing an older system. You can safely operate your CUBO from your PC or Mac; but you can also leave it to us to monitor your CUBO on the web.

CUBO is a registered trademark.

  • Width : 1800 mm
  • Depth : 600 mm
  • Height : 1800 mm

Capacity: 200,400f600l/hat15X

  • Sterile centrals: Ultra pure water for washer disinfectors and steam sterilizes
  • Laboratories: Ultra pure water for washer disinfector, blood analyze machines, end polish machines, lab armatures and general laboratory activity.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Ultra pure water for research and production.
  • Biotech: Ultra pure water for research, production and general laboratory activity.
  • Electronics: Ultra pure water for manufacturing of semi conductors and research
  • Industry: Process water rinsing of products with extremly high demands of cleanliness, dilution of solutions and feed water for boilers.

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