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- Sewage Treatment System



The FLOCCSEP process represents a totally new way of managing sewage, resulting in maximum cost savings in conventional equipment and greatly minimized environmental contamination.

  • Advanced primary treatment
  • Peak load lopping
  • Construction site run-off
  • Compact treatment plants

  • Low capital cost
  • Compact process (separator loading rates are >45gpm/ft²)
  • Instant start-up (
  • High levels of solids removed
  • High-rate liquid/solid separation
  • Performance independent of flow
  • Real-time treatment
  • Cost-effective sewage treatment for small communities

  1. Raw sewage is screened to remove all solids.
  2. Screened raw sewage is mixed with chemicals (coagulant and/or flocculants) to create flocs.
  3. The flocs are captured and screened out in the fine solids separator and returned to the sewer (SSO/CSO) or treated at another location.
  4. A low-turbidity (5%) effluent emerges.

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