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- Plasma Arc Destruction of PFAS

Argon Plasma Arc Destruction is one of the most environmentally friendly, safe and economical technologies able to deal with hard to destroy, hazardous and environmentally damaging substances. The process involves a high-energy DC plasma torch producing plasma consisting of atoms, ions and electrons with temperatures far in excess of those attained by high temperature incineration. The core of the plasma can reach temperatures well in excess of 10,000 °C. In the case of the PyroPlas®, plasma is created by passing an electric current through an argon gas stream. This is known as electric arc plasma. Electric arc plasma has been used in materials processing applications for many years; however, its use in waste destruction has accelerated in recent years due to the concerns regarding incineration. The PyroPlas® process incorporates proprietary technology to inject waste directly into the plasma stream.

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