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- Model HL5000 - Incinerator System


This PYROTECHNIX incinerator is designed to process 2270 kg/hr. (5000 lbs/hr. US) solid waste, based on a typical waste with a gross heating value of 3600 kcal/kg (6500 BTU/lb). This incinerator is a two-chamber, controlled-air design with the latest technology incorporating air filtration within the second chamber.The system features two independent ram loaders allowing for the simultaneous burning of two different wastes. It has successfully operated with low calorific, slow burning and high calorific waste at the same time.
The standard PYROTECHNIX automated design has been expanded to include an ash sorter for metal separation and a can compactor for metals before recycling.Total system weight is approximately 136 tons (150 tons US) and it requires a concrete pad of 15.2m (50 ft) long by 15.2m (50 ft) wide. The top of the secondary chamber is 7.8m (25.5 ft) above the ground. A stainless steel 1016 mm (40 in.) diameter stack extends 15.2 m (50 ft) above the secondary.

PYROTECHNIX designs provide a great deal of flexibility to accommodate various client needs. Machine loading lends itself to a great variety of methods: carts, bucket loaders, conveyors, pits and others.
This picture shows the completely automated loading of the incinerator. Wheeled heavy duty plastic carts are loaded aboard ships and then directly attached to the incinerator. There is no need for intermediary handling of the waste.

A single person operates the incinerator system. A loader attaches the waste cart to the automated loading mechanism which elevates the cart and deposits the waste in the incinerator ram loader.

This picture shows the PYROTECHNIX Ash Sorter in operation with the HL5000 model. The ash sorter separates metal and other non-combustibles from the ash. Magnetic separation is used to separate ferrous waste from other kinds. Non-combustibles will be sent to a landfill.

This picture shows a hydraulically operated Can Compactor. After thermal sterilization, another volume reduction step is required to sell compressed metal cans for recycling.

This PYROTECHNIX incinerator is designed to process 680 kg/hr (1500 lbs/hr US) all hospital solid waste, including red bag, for a 600 bed hospital in Barbados.

The main combustion chamber uses controlled primary air to provide a constant burning rate during operation. Ash is removed automatically with hydraulic controls.

The Thermostack afterburner has two gas burners that automatically maintain operating temperatures between 1200 degrees Celsius (2200 degrees Fahrenheit) and 1650 degrees Celsius (3000 degrees Fahrenheit). A silicon carbide refractory air inlet delivers water cooled air to the combustion zone.

The stack is 762 mm (30 in.) outside and 6.1 mm (24 in.) inside diameter, lined with 3300 degree high alumina refractory. It extends to 9.75m (32 ft.) above ground level.

The installation requires a 6.1m (20 ft.) by 7.6m (25 ft.) concrete pad.

During November and December of 1993, two series of tests were performed on a PYROTECHNIX 30 ton incinerator which had been in continuous operation for two years.

The testing was performed using the following reference test methods:

  • USEPA Methods 1, 2, 4 and 5 - 'Determination of stack gas velocity, volumetric flow rate, water vapor concentration and particulate emission from stationary sources.'
  • USEPA Method 10 - 'Determination of Carbon Monoxide (CO) emissions from stationary sources.'

Testing disclosed that Carbon Monoxide (CO) levels were very low - ranging from 1 to 15 PPM.  The average mass discharge for the series of tests was 0.77 kg/hr (1.56 lbs/hr). This compares to a feed rate of 1360 kg/hr (3600 lbs/hr.).  These operational tests showed that the PYROTECHNIX incinerator installation would meet USEPA emission standards.

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