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- Model HL3000 - Incinerator System


This PYROTECHNIX incinerator is designed to process 1360 kg/hr. (3000 lbs/hr. US) solid waste, based on a typical waste with a gross heating value of 3600 kcal/kg (6500 BTU/lb).  This incinerator is a two-chamber, controlled-air design with the latest technology developed for use with waste having a wide range of combstion properties.  The system includes an automatic hydraulic ram loader and an automatic ash remover. The design also affords the operator better safety by isolating the operator from the actual burning process. Modular construction concepts are used to allow for future processing capacity increases by adding new equipment to existing equipment.The total system weight is approximately 91 tons (100 tons US) and it requires a concrete pad of 10.7m (35 ft) long by 6.1m (20 ft) wide.

These pictures show the conversion of a single feed PYROTECHNIX Model HL3000 into a PYROTECHNIX Model HL5000 double feed configuration providing for 67% processing capacity increase. This is a very cost effective feature to provide for future needs as they arise.

The Model HL3000 main chamber has been disassembled. Note that the original configuration is affected to a minor degree. Most construction around the main chamber remains unaffected.

A brand new section of the main chamber is being prepared for attachment to the existing Model HL3000 main chamber. Note that this section comes with its own feed and primary air provisions. In the background, the ash sorter is being prepared for installation.

The main chamber conversion from PYROTECHNIX HL3000 into HL5000 has been completed. The existing back panel and the automated ash remover is being readied for reattachment. The second opening into the main chamber will have its own, independently operated automated feed mechanism.

The system conversion from a PYROTECHNIX HL3000 into HL5000 has been completed. Note the differences in the refractories on the main chamber walls. The main chamber has been loaded with waste to be burned.

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