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- Compact BTEX Analyser


PyxisGC BTEX is a compact analyser for the real time monitoring of Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene in ambient air. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor application both. PyxisGC BTEX is manufactured by Pollution Analytical Equipment and it is compliant with EN14662-3:2015.

PyxisGC BTEX can measure those compounds thanks to the MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) pre-concentrator, GC separation column, based on a proprietary silicon micromachined chip and the miniaturized Photoionization detector (PID) that quantifies the peaks.

PyxisGC BTEX is equipped with a Cloud software to monitor and manage the acquired data: it is easily accessed via browser on your phone, tablet or PC. The PyxisGC Cloud software stores up and archives analysis data automatically, it allows the real time data and the historical data viewing (with creation of charts, tables, graphs and other statistical analyses).

PyxisGC BTEX Application

  • Industrial monitoring (emission control, laboratory security, fence line)
  • Environmental air quality monitoring – SMART CITY
  • Air monitoring networks (street canyons, garages, tunnels, airports, stations)
  • Indoor air quality (offices, hospitals, schools, museums)

  • PID Detector High sensitivity
  • MEMS Technology Miniaturized
  • Carrier Gas Cylinders FREE Low cost ownership
  • Cloud software for management /control Real time monitoring

  • Dimensions: 420mm x 620mm x 210mm
  • Weight:  Models: W0E 11,5 Kg / WCE (auto-calib) 13 Kg / WBE (UPS) 17,5 Kg / WEE (auto-calib+UPS) 19 Kg
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C – 60°C
  • Instrument control: Integrated PC board
  • Data storage: 16 GB Internal Flash Memory (up to 7 years of continuous measurements)
  • Power Imput: 12V CC max. 2.5A
  • Power consumption: Max. 25W
  • Carrier gas: Ambient Air, <10 sccm
  • Sampling: Sample Flow Rate 250 – 450 sccm
  • Detector: High-sensitivity PID – Photo Ionization Detector (10.6 eV)
  • Analysed Gases: Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes (other gases on request)
  • Analytical range “Smart City” version: [0.5 – 80] μg/m3 benzene with 15 min analysis cycles
  • Analytical range “Smart City” version: [1.0 – 160] μg/m3 benzene with 15 min analysis cycles
  • Lower Detection Limit: <0.2 μg/m3 (0.05ppb) Benzene
  • Communication interfaces: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G
  • Instrument control and data access:
    • Local WebServer, accessible with a common browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome)
    • MODBUS over TCP server
    • IoT service “Pollution Guardian”

  • “Smart city” air quality monitoring
  • Fence line monitoring

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