- Model (QD) - Quick Deploy Portable RAWS

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FTS - Model (QD) - Quick Deploy Portable RAWS
The FTS Quick Deploy portable weather station is the fire community’s most widely used weather station for prescribed burns and temporary monitoring applications. It offers the same scientific-grade accuracy and reliability as our full fixed RAWS in a portable form which can be setup in 15 minutes by one person, with no tools and no technical training. Its portability means that several can be placed at the fire line and rapidly relocated as needed. It offers the same sensors and telemetry options as the fixed RAWS, and all components are interchangeable. A QD portable RAWS can be configured with any other digital and analog sensors required.

Durable and Reliable

Because it was designed for fire management professionals, the Quick Deploy is not like any other portable weather station. It's exceptionally durable—no plastic components—so it can take a beating. We also designed it to be extremely simple to set up quickly and get working every time without any training, since we ship it preconfigured to your specifications and it doesn't require a laptop or alignment of a GOES / Meteosat antenna.


A Quick Deploy portable RAWS automates collection and maximizes the safety of fire crews during wildfires or controlled burns. Having accurate weather conditions in a micro-climate scale in real-time is the single most significant tool for a successful burn. Equipped with AirTalk radio voice communications, fire crews are afforded on-demand information and alerts for real-time decision-making, without needing to go to the station. And since a QD allows for an increased volume of fuels to be burned safely, it can pay for itself very quickly.


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Fire Danger Rating / Forecasting

For various reasons, including the changing global climate, wildfires are getting bigger, more destructive and more expensive. Effective, consistent and reliable detection of climate parameters is the key to preventing wildfires and managing the impact they have. Our equipment resides for decades in solitary confinement generally in very remote areas (often at the tops of mountains or deep within a national forest), constantly measuring and recording weather data. Once per hour, this data is transmitted back to...

Meteorological Monitoring

FTS designs complete, turn-key systems for a variety of environmental monitoring applications. Our systems are based upon the Axiom datalogger—a key technology that deliver rugged reliability in any environment, simplicity of operation, low maintenance costs, and extremely accurate data.

Fire Weather Networks , Wildfire Supression

Every year, 35 million hectares —or about 1% of the world’s forests— are lost to wildfire. Recently in North America the area burnt by wildfires has increased sharply, while regions like Southeast Asia and South America have seen a rise in the number of land-clearing fires and other escaped wildfires in equatorial forests. The extraordinary costs of fire suppression activities are matched only by the damages to property and ecosystems these fire wreak—in South America, this loss is estimated at $1.6 billion...

Wildfire Management

When wildfires do occur, knowing accurate weather conditions at the location of the fire not only provides a powerful tool to help control the fire, it also helps save lives. Since data from a fixed RAWS station network may not provide the granularity needed, fire management agencies will position several FTS Quick Deploy portable RAWS around the perimeter of the fire. Because they can be set up or dismantled by one person in under 15 minutes, they can be re-positioned as needed. During a wildfire, firefighting...

Fire Weather Monitoring

FTS is the world leader in environmental monitoring solutions for fire weather. FTS stations are in use by every one of the top 50 government forest management agencies in every corner of the United States and Canada. No one else dedicates as much of its research and development efforts to the needs of fire weather professionals. FTS portable and fixed-site weather stations set the standard for reliability and simplicity of operation, maintenance, and installation. As a manufacturer, we design and engineer the...

Prescribed Burning

A general understanding of the separate and combined effects of several weather elements on fire behavior is needed to plan and execute a good prescribed burn. Because weather and fuel factors interact, an experienced prescribed burner can conduct a successful burn even with one or more factors slightly outside the desired range—as long as they are offset by other factors. Accurate fire weather monitoring of fire danger indices via the RAWS network, providing historical data leading up to a prescribed burn is...



FTS Quick Deploy Portable Weather Station (QD RAWS) for on-site weather conditions


FTS presents an in-depth look at the practice of prescribed burning—its value to helping the environment and to forest management agencies in preventing wildfires. It also explores the crucial role that having accurate, on-demand weather conditions via a portable Remote Automated Weather Station like the FTS QD "Quick Deploy" plays in allowing the US Forest Service to burn more land, and kee


FTS` AirTalk Takes Flight

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