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- Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System



As the well charges, fluid rises above the downwell level sensor. When approximately 9 inches (23 cm) of fluid is detected, the air flow control is signaled and compressed air is introduced into the double diaphragm pump. The diaphragms then move back and forth creating a vacuum that draws in fluid. When the fluid level is reduced to about 6 inches (15 cm) above the end of the sensor and no longer detected, the pump turns off. Fluid then continues to enter the well, raising the water level, and the cycle repeats itself.

QED has been successfully installing these pumping systems on sites all over the world for well over two decades. The system is designed to handle harsh liquids such as leachate, solvents, and fuels. Flow rates range from 0-20 gpm, with options for models with higher rates. The system is pneumatically operated, making it intrinsically safer than electrical systems that can shock, spark, or ignite. These easy-to-use systems are designed for pumping liquids out of sumps, tanks, ponds, and shallow wells, and are available on an open frame, or mounted inside a protective enclosure.

  • Remediation well, sumps, and trenches
  • Storm water sumps
  • Slant wells with minimal slopes ≥ 5%
  • Leachate and condensate removal
  • In applications that would have used vac trucks
  • Level control for transfer and equalization tanks
  • Leaking liner protection beneath holding ponds

Automatic Double Diaphragm Pumping System Applications
  • Leachate Pumping
  • Shallow Well Pumping
  • Holding Tanks

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