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- Hose and Tubing



QED has the widest range of hose and tubing options for expansion of your pumping system. Over 25 years at thousands of sites, QED had developed a comprehensive range of accessory equipment to put together the precise system to match your project requirements - with many exclusive options available nowhere else.

  • Red-Line High Temperature Jacketed Tubing
  • Used with air powered pumps
  • Operates at a maximum operating temperature of 120° C at 100 PSI
  • UV protection and chemical resistance to most compounds – no swelling, cracking or breakdown if exposed to sunlight or harsh, corrosive fluids
  • 1/4 – 1¼” OD Nylon 12 Tubing
  • Easy Fitting™ Quick-release Connector
  • Designed for severe duty down well conditions at landfills and remediation sites

  • Fits all QED connections down well, at well head and along surface
  • Quick fitting lower-cost option for the AutoPump®
  • Allows the AutoPump® to be quickly disconnected from its tubing and hose sets, eliminating the need to cut the tubing
  • Constructed of high-quality stainless steels to function well even with silt and solids present
  • Easy to handle, coil, and bend in the field and fits all QED connections
  • High Flow Jacketed Tubing
  • All dimensions of tube, hose and fittings are carefully designed and controlled to ensure high flow capacity, easy assembly, high pullout strength and leak-tight connections.
  • QED offers an unmatched range of connector and fitting options to make installation and maintenance easier and more efficient.

  • Landfill
  • Mining
  • DOD – DOE Sites
  • Remediation Sites
  • Oil Refineries and Petrochemical
  • Industrial Sites

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