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- Model AP4 Plus - Pneumatic Positive Air Displacement Pump



The AP4+ Top Inlet Short, AP4+ Low Drawdown Top Inlet, AP4+ Bottom Inlet Short and AP4+ Low Drawdown Bottom Inlet AutoPump provide maximum capabilities and flow in a pump for 4” (100mm) diameter and larger wells and the need for an elevated inlet, such as pumping total fluids from wells contaminated with LNAPLs.

The QED AP4+ AutoPump is an air-powered pump used in landfill and remediation sites, designed specifically to handle difficult conditions reliably and safely.  These conditions include hydrocarbon (LNAPL and dissolved phase) remediationlandfill leachate and methane condensate pumping, solvent (dissolved phase and DNAPL) cleanup, suspended solids, silts, corrosives, and high viscosities, along with high temperatures and frequent starts and stops.

In addition, key features include:

  • The AP4+ AutoPump is ATEX certified to Zone 0
  • The pump provides positive air displacement with top and bottom fill design.
  • Short and long lengths meet different requirements.
  • The product can be used from approximately 90 metres.
  • 5 year warranty
  • The pump is complemented by the most comprehensive selection of accessories to provide a complete system to meet site specific requirements.
  • Sheathed nylon pump tubing sets for maximum chemical resistance, reduced weight, less tangling and easier handling
  • QED’s Easy Fitting Quick-release Connectors for affordable, quick connection and removal of the pump from its tubing set, built to function easily even under high solids well conditions
  • QED’s Easy Bolts for rapid access to flanged wellheads
  • The industry’s widest range of wellhead completions matches your site for smooth pump installation. We offer custom options to fit your specific wellhead requirements.

  1. Competitive flow rates and pumping capabilities
  2. Easy to disassemble and clean
  3. Patented, proven design for superior reliability and durability
  4. Handles solids, some solvents, hydrocarbons and corrosive conditions beyond the limits of electric pumps
  5. The AutoPump is made of upgraded materials to further extend the pump’s service life and broadens the range of conditions each model is used in

The AP4+ AutoPump is part of the famous AutoPump family of original automatic air-powered pumps, which were developed in the mid 1980s, specifically to handle unique pumping needs at remediation and landfill sites.  Air-powered AutoPumps are proven worldwide at thousands of remediation and landfill sites.  This is what makes AutoPumps the number one choice of professionals based on reliability, durability, performance range and technical support.

  • Remediation and Groundwater
  • Sewage / waste water treatment AD

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