- Pump Unit


In any irrigation system the volume and pressure are key factors in the success of the system. The faster you are able to complete an irrigation cycle the more flexible the system becomes and the easier it gets to accurately react to the needs of the crop. The amount of valve groups, the size of each group and the capacity of the pump unit are key factors to achieve the desired flexibility. If desired a frequency drive can be added to reduce energy consumption while maintaining the desired pressure.

QEP Holland produces standard pump units as well as custom build units. The units are suitable for transportation of water from for instance the basin to the silo, as well as direct irrigation to the crop. The most standard units we produce are the QEP PU-1X equipped with one pump and the QEP PU-2X, with two pumps.

  • Filtration up to 50 micron
  • Many applications possible due to versatile controlling possibilities
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in a wide range of capacities

  • Manual or automatic control
  • Any capacity and pressure possible
  • Multiple pumps parallel, in cascade or independent

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