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Existing Sewerage Plants, It is not too uncommon for sewerage plants to find themselves “pushed” beyond capacity, increasingly overloaded as environmental demand expands. Discharge quality begins to suffer and eventually municipalities are forced into building new plants. The use of ElectroCoagulation changes that. The use of ElectroCoagulation (EC) and Vacuum Clarification (VC) units can help by increasing capacity and increasing quality. There are actually three different places in an existing system where EC can be used effectively.

New Sewerage Plants, In the event of the commission of a new sewerage facility, the options get a bit more interesting. EC followed by VC will remove enough of the load off the waste influent to make it suitable for the advanced MSF distillation system. The resulting sludge will have had any heavy metals converted into their oxide form and can be further treated so as to remove 100% of the pathogens while adding key nutrients, thereby produce a vastly superior and marketable “Class A” sludge-based fertilizer.

The flow will be treated by the MSF and create a boiler-quality distilled water which can be sold as a commodity for industrial, or depending upon local ordinances and public opinion, potable water. This will be around 80% of the flow. The 20% discharge will be run through a smaller distillation module and crystallized. Any remaining short-carbon chain constituents, pathogens, bacteria will have been sufficiently dehydrated and thereby destroyed and the resultant organic matter can be added to the fertilizer, aggregated and sold for agricultural use.

This system is installed on a service model and the gainful products secured through processing, enable a favorable rate to the client (whether municipal or industrial) while delivering superior quality treatment benefiting both client and the environment.

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