QuantWave Technologies Inc.

QuantWave Technologies Inc.

- Rapid Drinking Water Pathogen Testing Technologies


QuantWave provides drinking water suppliers and food/beverage manufacturers with a rapid, cost-effective, portable, and label-free pathogen and contaminant detection solution that can significantly reduce testing time and cost.

Through integrating the microfluidics and microwave sensing, QuantWave provides the customer a real-time and highly portable tool to monitor the pathogens in a timely manner and anywhere, facilitating the drinking water provider and food manufacturers to minimize the potential risk of pathogenic contamination and maximize the water/food safety.

Compared to existing products in the market, QuantWave product is the first one to be real-time without complicated sample preparation and does not require any pathogen labeling. Also, it is an intelligent device without sophisticated operation procedures. Compared with other lab-on-a-chip applications for pathogen detection, instead of simply combining the lab-on-a-chip with molecular assays, our solution revolutionarily provide a new detection solution based on the differences of electrical conductivities for various pathogens.

  • Portable                     
  • Economically profitable                 
  • Chemical free
  • Real time                            
  • Rapid testing                          
  • User friendly

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